Darkest Hour Review

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If you are looking for a full biopic of Winston Churchill, this huge historic figure, then you won’t find it in The Darkest Hour. We don’t get much insight into his past. Or his involvement in the allies final victory over the Germans. Instead, this film focuses on Churchill’s first days as Prime Minister in 1940 where he is thrown into the precarious task of facing up to the approaching Nazi forces.

It’s May 1940 and Holland and Belgium are about to be invaded while France is on its knees. The British army is surrounded at Dunkirk and a Nazi attack on British mainland is imminent. In Britain there are calls for Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to step down for being too weak. Chamberlain wants Lord Halifax to fill his shoes but Halifax feels it is too early for him. Chamberlain is coerced into choosing the only man who will have universal support from all parties; First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill (played by the magnificent Gary Oldman). Continue reading “Darkest Hour Review”

Downsizing Review

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Matt Damon rocks up this week in the high budget flick Downsizing. Not sure if it was intentional for the role but Matt is sporting a middle age spread that would slow Jason Bourne down a yard or two. Nothing to fear for Matt though as he loses a lot of weight very quickly!

Things move along fairly well at the start of this science-fiction comedy-drama by director Alexander Payne. We have a scientific breakthrough called Downsizing that means humans can be shrunk to just 6 inches tall. This, we are told, will save the human race due to the massive reduction in resources and waste. Not great for the economy mind you, well apart from those who have created new worlds for these tiny beings. Continue reading “Downsizing Review”

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review

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Frances McDormand will always be best remembered as the somber pregnant cop in the excellent 1996 black comedy Fargo. She has of course successfully performed many film, stage and TV roles since (and before) picking up the Academy award for that staunch performance. But hitting those heights in a leading movie role hasn’t been repeated, despite several other collaborations with her director husband Joel Coen and his brother Ethan.

A return to those heady heights seems to be on the horizon however. Many experts believe McDormand will be grasping the Oscar again 22 years later,  for her display in the black comedy crime film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. There is no keeping it in the family this time though. The Chicago born actress is guided under the British/Irish director Martin McDonagh, possibly best known for his well received 2008 movie In Bruges. Continue reading “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review”